Eye Exams

Complete Eye Exams

Concord Eye Center in New Hampshire offers complete eye evaluations for people of all ages. Our eye doctors check for refractive errors as well as diseases and any other problems that may exist.

A comprehensive eye exam typically includes a thorough medical history and eye chart test. We will also perform a tonometry test to check for signs of glaucoma and will examine your eyes under a “slit lamp” in order to check for cataracts and other corneal problems.

Scheduling a yearly eye exam with an optometrist or ophthalmologist is important for your eye health. Finding an eye doctor you can trust is even more important and the eye doctors of Concord Eye Center want to earn your trust now and in the future by becoming your doctor.

For more information about general eye care and common eye issues, check out the videos below. Other educational videos about Eye Diseases and Conditions and more can be found throughout our website, with all of them gathered in our Video section for your convenience.

Eye Exams